Reading Brings Us Pleasant Feelings Being a child, we learn letters, read the first words, sentences, and then take the first ebook. Books play a very important role in human life. For many people, the book is an integral part of their lives. Books are our loyal and trusted friends and teachers. Books open for us the door to the hitherto unknown mysterious world. They tell us about the famous and well-known personalities and ordinary people, show us history, tell about science and discoveries of the countries, peoples and traditions, human relationships, dreams, thoughts, feelings, and so on. With an interesting book in hands time runs very fast, you can read for hours without paying attention to the surrounding. From the books people learn a lot of interesting and new. There you can find all the answers to all sorts of questions. Reading brings people happiness and with it a huge advantage, because people can always learn from the books something useful. There are no useless manual. Any book will bring some benefit. Books nourish our souls, make them richer and more powerful, they bring experience and knowledge. Without books it would be impossible to study and live.
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